FixShox . How it works

Where does FixShox work?

Photo 1: here there would be the perfect theoretical condition and only possible with the bike stationary, new, with bushings, new ball bearings, perfect weld alignment. That is, a condition that is only theoretically possible where everything flows perfectly aligned.

Photo 2: Condition during use. Forces in all directions arrive from the rear and push the shock absorber to work absolutely out of alignment. The normal DU bushes oblige the shock absorber to work bound by the fastening system to the frame and carriage. This has repercussions in material stress on the shock absorber heads and above all in misalignment of the main piston. going to overload all the internal seals and more. until oil is lost or air enters the system

Photo 3: With both FixShox bushings it is obtained that, even if the rear axle works off axis with respect to the frame, it allows the entire shock absorber to remain aligned on itself. Working free, light and not overloading the seals and eyelet heads.

IMPORTANT: they are installed without modifying any part of the shock absorber. A true plug-and-play

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