Fixshox 25mm
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  • Fixshox 25mm
  • Fixshox 25mm
  • Fixshox 25mm
  • Fixshox 25mm
  • Fixshox 25mm
  • Fixshox 25mm

Fixshox 25mm

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FixShox: free your shock

FixShox replaces the classic cylindrical DU bush of bike shock absorbers and gives it a spherical movement that absorbs all the stresses of the frame, without damaging the shock.

Pay attention to the diameter of the eyelet. All new shocks from 2015/17 onwards have the new 15mm open-end-eye hole. If in doubt, always measure the diameter with a caliper.

When ordering, also make sure of the real compass width, perhaps by measuring the original one

The FixShox has the standard 8mm hole. If you need the 6mm reduction, order it separately.

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  • 100% compatible with all shock absorbers
  • a self-alignment of the shock absorber towards the frame so as not to stress the shock absorber shaft when it slides into the main body
  • smooth absorption during intense use
  • very long life of the shock absorber seals
  • less overheating of the shock absorber caused by misalignment of the body
  • absorbs the inevitable welding tolerances of the frames.
  • the frame cannot be perfectly square with perfect angles.
  • it absorbs the misalignments of the ball bearings of the joints that wear and become misaligned with the shock absorber.

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