Stem HPX Oro - 37mm offset
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  • Stem HPX Oro - 37mm offset
  • Stem HPX Oro - 37mm offset

Stem HPX Oro - 37mm offset

Diametro manubrio
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Version with 37mm offset

Patented stem with steel band instead of the classic front clamp.

  • A clean design
  • Lightweight: only 96 grams
  • Unique design
  • Even pressure on the handlebar
  • Lightness
  • Constant pressure on the handlebar

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Where is the real revolution? It is clear and clearly visible: the handlebar fixing system. The aim is to remove all those usual 4 unsightly screws that fix one or two clamps to the handlebar and be able to develop a homogeneous pressure on the handlebar body. Especially in carbon ones that do not always have the diameter perfectly aligned with the canonical measures of 31.8 or 35 millimeters and that the cylindricity of the body is not always perfectly circular.

The metal band completely removable during installation, means that there is no limitation to the handlebars of any rise. The stainless steel band, not being monolithic, manages to adapt and avoid forming those areas of very high cutting pressure as on classic collars

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