It's often difficult to get the right size to buy because the shock is hidden or recessed into the frame. It is best to always measure the original bushing and compare it to the actual measurement on the frame. Then you can proceed with the purchase


Below we will update the most common and tested frames/shocks.

Santacruz NOMAD series 4 20mm bolt 8
INTENSE M29 30+30 bolts 8
ORBEA RISE 25mm bolt 8
IBIS HD2016 22mm bolt 8
IBIS RIPMO 25mm bolt 8
Santacruz V10 30 rear + 25 front bolt 8
Santacruz Heckler 2023: front 30x8 fhit + rear 30x8 fhit
MDE 22mm x 8bolt
Rocky mountain powerplay2022 25x8
Rocky mountain powerplay2021 25x8 + 40x8
Specialized stumpjumper 2022 : 20x8
Specialized LEVO SL 2021 20mm bolt 6 sleeve
Specialized TURBOLEVO 2019-2021 20mm bolt 8 + 6mm reduction
Specialized Kenevo SL 2022---- 30x8
SPECI LEVO 2018 - 26mm bolt 8
Speci turbolevo 2022 - fix20 bolt 8
Speci KENEVO SL 2022: fix30x8
LApierre trunnion fix 30
Canyon strive 2022: fix25 bolt 8
Cannondale moterra2020: fix 20 bolts 8
GT Fury old 22x8
GT Fury 2019 37.6x8
Transition sentinel 2021---25x8
Nukeproof giga 290 : Ant 25x8 Post 30x8
TREK Sessions 25x8 + 30x8
TREK slash ex trunnion : TR54 upper + TR40 lower
TREK RAIL 40x10 below only
Mondraker Crafty Trunnion - Upper trunnion TC 54 + lower 25x10 through
Commencal Supreme top : 20mmx8
Propain Spindrift 30x8 lower
Yeti SB150: 36x8 frame side
CUBE stereo: 22x8 frame side only
YT Capra : 20mm bolt 8 only frame side
YT Tues : 20x8 frame + 30x8 rear